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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Child Slippers - Featured Project by Bladaac

I had so much fun doing my first project feature on wondrlanding's Sherpa Boots, that I figured it was about time I do another one!  Today I am honoured to share with you all a project by another one of my wonderful testers, known as bladaac on Ravelry.  Here's what she had to say:

Lise-Anne: Tell us about yourself…

Ilze: My name is Ilze.  I am from Gatineau, Québec.  I have been in Canada for 6 years now.  I lived in Latvia most of my life - a small country on the Baltic sea.  I am a stay at home mom with two boys.  It is a full time job, that includes playing, teaching, cleaning, cooking…And I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

Lise-Anne: I hear ya, and I feel exactly the same.  My kids are growing up so fast too!  It seems like every time I blink they're learning new things and moving up a size in their wardrobe.  So Ilze, how long have you been knitting, and how did you get started? Tell us where your knitting inspirations comes from…

Ilze: I have been knitting since childhood, but more seriously only over the past few years after I got pregnant. I do not remember when I learned knitting though. I used to ''help'' my grandmother to knit socks by slipping all the stitches from one needle to other. At school all girls had lessons where we were taught how to cook, knit, crochet, and sew (while boys were taught metal and wood working).

My knitting inspiration comes from various sources. I always get inspired by looking at the projects of others! My family are also very good at giving me ideas of what they would like and how they think it should look. 

Ilze's - Child Slippers
Lise-Anne: Aren't families a great source of inspiration!  So tell me, what did you like about knitting this project or pattern in particular? 

Ilze: The slippers were a fun little project. It is always a pleasure to knit a well presented pattern. I like projects where I am able to change some little things, or add something extra - like the little flowers for these Child Slippers. I made two more pairs with car buttons for my boys.

Lise-Anne: What other Pick n’ Knit Patterns have you knit and which is your favourite?

Ilze: I have also made Pleated Flats. I like them all!!! They were my first felting projects, but certainly not the last!

Lise-Anne: What are some other patterns or projects that you’ve enjoyed knitting or are currently working on?

Ilze: Knitting is a time when I relax. I try to choose projects that I know I will enjoy. Lately I am into colour work. Right now I am working on a pair of traditional Latvian mittens that will be a gift for my sister. 

Ilze's - Pleated Flats
Lise-Anne: They are so beautiful!  You are very talented Ilze, great job!  Besides knitting, are there any other things you do for fun? Anything else you’d like to share?

Ilze: There are too many things I like to do! After receiving my very first spinning wheel all I want to do is - spin, play around with the texture of the yarn, experiment...

I am also planning to go back to back-strap weaving, which I haven't done in years. 
I love to cook, put together puzzles and play board games. Plus all things having to do with fibre. There are definitely not enough hours in a day!!! 

Lise-Anne: I agree completely!  But I'm afraid to say that if there were more hours in a day, we'd still find a way to fill them up and feel like we needed more time, haha.  Well Ilze, thank you so so much for being willing to answer my questions and sharing your beautiful talent and pictures with us!

Ilze: Thank you for featuring me on your blog. I am very honoured to answer your questions!  

It was so much fun doing this little project feature with Ilze!  Here's some more of her beautiful projects:

Ilze's Latvian mittens project - Kosa Mittens

Ilze's own design - Trapped in a Cuff

I was especially excited to find out that Ilze was a tester for a good friend of mine, Jenny Wiebe (jennyvangy on Ravelry), during the editing process for her Grow Old With Me Cardigan (as seen below).  Beautiful Ilze!  I especially love the artistic liberty you took in adding the argyle print!  It's so appealing and I absolutely love it!!! To see more of Jenny's designs as well as a great read, visit her amazing blog: 

Ilze's - Grow Old With Me

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