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Friday, January 21, 2011

Lady Finkaas

This beautiful pair of Lady Loafers was inspired by my husband’s Swiss ancestry and a cold winter’s day sitting by my fireplace.  I wanted to bring to life the heritage that is so deeply ingrained in our home.  Along with our Swiss clocks, and pocket knives, why not a pair of Swiss Loafers as well!  These slippers (or Finkaas in Swiss – clear your throat when you say the “k”) are one of a kind and I hoped to portray all the classic elements that Swiss loafers have to offer, while giving it some bold contrasts and a modern touch, keeping it stylish and trendy.  Made from 100% wool for warmth and comfort, and felted into a lovely custom fit, I hope these slippers will warm your feet as much as making this pattern has brought special warmth to my heart.
These beautiful Swiss inspired Finkaas can be made for a Women’s U.S. shoe size of 6 through 9.  The pattern is for a size 9, and adjustments are made for sizes 8, 7, and 6 respectfully in parenthesis throughout the pattern. 
This pattern also includes over 25 photos to take you step by step through the knitting process.  

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